FitnessOne Fulfills John Wheeler’s Entrepreneurial Vision

May 22, 2016
Of course John Wheeler created FitnessOne with the idea of making money, but the John Wheeler fitness vision made his health club a lot different than others. There are a lot of health clubs in Toronto, but FitnessOne stands out, in that it offers its members the opportunity to get and remain active in a safe, comfortable environment that is welcoming.

Because of John Wheeler’s approach to fitness, FitnessOne is now known throughout the Toronto area for its ability to help people improve their overall health and wellness and not just create a lot of hard bodies. Over the course of more than a decade, it has become known as the health and wellness club with a friendly staff that cares greatly for its members. Clients are treated as family, and they work hard to help club members to achieving their personal goals, which John Wheeler believes are more important than the health club’s goals.

One thing that sets FitnessOne apart from other health clubs is that last part. They put the member’s needs above their own. Their clients mean a lot more than just a source for membership fees. John Wheeler’s goal is to provide a caring supportive environment in which people can grow to live a healthier lifestyle. He wants clients to see immediate results because that means more to him than taking their money.